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Warcraft [Chenghai 3C] 1V1 starting all Raiders DL

Beginning of the revival of lost guns following people to stone A stone A swarm of people do not use skill points to stay
A After the first two skills, learn to sell six drug get a revival of the airship to go the road 2

This time you have a sleep and AM were 3 AM absorbent to absorb 100 points no AM1

Main + more + bees first two skills of her people to absorb rain sleep Drainage

AM will balk at this time or continue to suppress people to Road into the water is clear on down

If the AM for Road seat airship flying with her

10 was still a good time to take pressure can kill a resurrection AM

Stone man sitting pressure airship to End Road Shuaqian AM

Pressure pressure pressure pressure to fly when the AM14-class 15 hole

Stones were even worse this time CD 1 20 seconds and then stops the hole fixed not only in the hole to keep Shuaqian

Complete with a stone to take 15 3 Road Shuaqian 2 heroes take GA

Take to the Road Shuaqian GA skeleton pressure DL2 Road Shuaqian AM

Heroes 3 Y Y only if the pressure of a good second hero TC slower than the AM for about 1 minute


3 heroes to take Long Road Y with non-toxic and sometimes can take a high

Speed the transfer and then pressing the AM

DL did not seek time of 30 crushed to death but to residual pressure

DL30 also tidy up the equipment to look for AMPK

Y Variable GA missiles landing MK transfiguration of the DL, if, if not to 30AM on 30MK

Dead bees keep the stone were very easy non-toxic

P late hit early split playing

4 heroes heroes BM BMG 5 P, this time can still have the advantage of the opportunity to easily next purple

6 Heroes PAL KOG you pick any 7 hero PL DK you pick any demolition and P are arbitrary

APM120 can go around the peak of the Vietnam War

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baidu cheating, universally condemned?

Development of the Internet has brought convenience for people's way of life of the city because of its open, universal features and easy to become a hotbed for breeding corruption.

Value of 25 yuan Daitoutie software free of charge銆?銆恌iery discussion
Free software with a list of 60 article published銆?銆恌iery discussion

Recently has been triggered by the Internet and Internet technologies or related to the interests of the endless struggle. Started relying on Internet technology and the odd tiger Yahoo China broke out between the mutual condemnation of the company's saliva war had turned into "you chase me to kill" technology war.

Rogue web sites and rogue software, reckless behavior angered many users, and finally thrown to the "anti-rogue software alliance" of the legal proceedings.

Last week, SAN FRANCISCO companies with Baidu search results because the problem of unfair generated heated debate. How and why things happen, please listen to Peter slowly Road to Hill.

SAN FRANCISCO Rage, Baidu innocence:

September 7, 2006, NEW YORK issued a strongly worded statement, Baidu search will involve the "NEW YORK download" and other keywords and the results point to a direct channel YORK competition download the "sky download" site. SAN FRANCISCO Baidu think it is "deliberately falsified", "malicious manipulation of search results to help enhance the flow of air download," the unscrupulous behavior, thus requiring Baidu company "immediately cease and correct the error, and Baidu website an apology."

[SAN FRANCISCO malicious manipulation that Baidu search results (from TOKYO statement)]

For the allegations SAN FRANCISCO, Baidu will be made in the same day rapid response. Baidu retorted: "This phenomenon is due YORK belong 'NEW YORK download channel' error occurred due to manual editing, the error should bear full responsibility SAN FRANCISCO", and claimed that the "automatic search company Baidu The results are completely objective and fair. "

[Baidu that the issue should be fully responsible for SAN FRANCISCO (from Baidu statement)]

September 8, SAN FRANCISCO response against Baidu released its second statement. In a statement, SAN FRANCISCO shirk its responsibility on Baidu, the practice of refusing to admit deep regret, in addition to once again asked Baidu to error correction of a second to apologize but also declared that "to retain the right to take further legal action."

Technically feasible, the interests say:

Is the so-called "public that goes, both parties said that the Great Wealth." Not further clarify the relevant facts, we ought not jump to conclusions. However, the analysis we now observe the situation, the Shan-po made a stand in favor of the party's choice in SAN FRANCISCO.

With the increasing development of electronic commerce and the gradual popularization of the Internet, Internet has not only the "third media", it became a people's survival tool, way of life. So, network marketing has become a site to promote the importance of corporate strategy, while the use of search engine marketing to improve the visibility of website or business network marketing has become the main way. In general, in front of the site in search results most relevant, and easier to attract the user's attention and visits.

In this way, "PPC" then came into being, has become the search engine's advertising revenue means suppliers. At the same time, some sites do not pay it by way of cheating to improve their ranking in the search results.

These facts tell us that at least two simple facts. First, man-made search service providers can modify the search results are arranged; Second, abnormal results may be directly related to the specific site of action.

In NEW YORK and Baidu's this debate, we see no point in criticizing both sides benefit from the "sky download" site. "The sky download" is not suspected of cheating. In addition to SAN FRANCISCO, there Huajun and a number of software download Web-based business also suffered a similar condition. Baidu also occur in different sites claiming "technical problems" the possibility is not high. Therefore, the issue should be Baidu side.

Claims to have "most comprehensive", "best quality" in Chinese database and the "world's first web analytics technology," and have "the most comprehensive anti-web technology" of the "most accurate" technical Baidu should not lead to emergence Error, the interests of the drive may be Baidu "failure" at the root.

Interests so that Baidu has suffered from a medical institute with a "click fraud" and a digital web of disputes and the "malicious ban" controversy. Now, just to "download the sky," there soon reverted to its pointing to the wrong question, "highly suspicious" How can people not to cast doubt on the students?

Contrary to justice, the image of damage:

Denied, Baidu has been with its advanced search technology and proven Chinese "community" concept of competition in the domestic search engine has achieved the status of absolute advantage. However, good corporate image is important intangible asset, for the well-known enterprises, it is important to consolidate its brand reliance.

In this case, whether it is a proper way or YORK rational Baidu, Baidu finally swallow the bitter fruit of all, not NEW YORK.

It seems the majority of ordinary users, regardless of the reasons, Baidu search keywords appear completely at odds with the results of a fact. Baidu "has powerful search capabilities," the image has been compromised in the eyes of some users. If this is really as NEW YORK said, Baidu's behavior then essentially raise themselves against competitors, has been involved suspected of injustice will surely be condemned by everyone!

As the saying goes, "Virtue does not remain isolated." Although the practice is not just YORK done but only the interests of the war, but should be learned from Baidu.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

11n vs. 150M and 300M internal battle cost the king

If the wireless network in the world is divided into two halves, half of which must be as bright as the example of clashes between 3G, while the other half is as quiet as the water gently WiFi. Compared to high-profile 3G, WiFi in the world is always so calm, so the alarm, but that calm does not mean that WiFi in silence, it is ready, waiting for overnight success.

Then in 2009 what the world highlights WiFi? The answer is the 150M, as the IEEE 802.11n standard rate under a standard, it appears not only broke the WiFi world peace, to break the monopoly of 300M. 150M capabilities then what? It is not a lot of people in the "non-mainstream" speed standards? We will duel it 300M to tell you the answer, to tell you who is the king of cost-11n world.

Rectification of names for the 150M it is definitely not "non-mainstream"

150M really is a "non-mainstream" it? Is not true, although many users of traditional values, 802.11n represents the 300M, 300M also represents the 11n, but this is not true, according to IEEE official description, 11n standard was actually For four speed grades, that is, 150M, 300M, 450M and 600M, 150M so that is definitely not "non-mainstream."

150M has been the rectification of names, it's the actual performance of what? It how big the gap 300M? 150M and 300M Who is more worth buying? The answer will duel in the following test revealed for you 11.

Test Content:

The duel will be divided into entry-level product duel, the mainstream level and enterprise-level products products duel duel. In each duel, 150M and 300M will be a wireless router as representatives of parties to participate. Rate test items include single-threaded test, multi-threaded rate testing, and proficiency test signal through walls.

Test method:

Single, multi-threaded test: We will test this by NetIQ Chariot software, wireless routing, single entry (more) pair throughput capacity, with intuitive data show their strength.

Wall proficiency test: we also by NetIQ Chariot software to test, but in the test side and wireless routing separated by a load-bearing walls.

Successful completion of preparatory work, like the wonderful example of clashes between test immediately start, the first duel: the entry-level. Entry-level duel: FAST FW150R VS TP-LINK TL-WR841N

150M Representative: FAST FW150R

FAST FW150R is a quick launch of its latest 150M wireless router, its body is very small, the overall design simple and fashionable; it supports the IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards, theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 150Mbps . With its strength, it is rapidly becoming the entry-level leader in the 150M wireless router. Market Price: 108 yuan

300M Representative: TP-LINK TL-WR841N

TP-LINK TL-WR841N wireless router set wired / wireless in one, the overall shape the same simple fashion; it is consistent with IEEE 802.11n (draft standard), IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards, the maximum wireless transfer rate up to 300Mbps; it 300M wireless router is the entry-level representatives of the classic. Market Price: 215 yuan

Vs. single-threaded test start:

FW150R: 60.360Mbps TL-WR841N: 59.334Mbps

Multithreaded Test:

FW150R: 74.123Mbps TL-WR841N: 78.362Mbps

Wall Test:

FW150R: 25.404Mbps TL-WR841N: 34.362Mbps

Summary: Gap 150M little more cost-effective

Comparison test by the three we can see, 150M and 300M for the overall gap is very small, even in single-threaded test results over the 300M, 150M's performance is excellent. On the whole, 150M 300M product's performance is about 90% of the product, the price of the former is only 50% of the latter, cost-effective at a glance. Therefore, the duel in the entry-level products, 150M win. Vs. flow-level products: Tenda W311R VS ASUS RT-N11 +

150M: Tenda W311R

Tenda W311R's a classic 150M wireless router, which uses both gray and white color design, stylish looks generous, modern full. It supports IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards, theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 150Mbps. Since its launch, it has been a majority of the customers and become one of the products of choice for mainstream users. Market Price: 130 yuan


ASUS RT-N11 + is the latest of a 300M wireless router, which uses the white of the design style, demonstrates the high-end products temperament; it supports the IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards; Because of its superior performance, it is available soon on board the "speed king" of the throne and become the absolute representative of 300M. Market Price: 285 yuan

Vs. single-threaded test start:

W311R: 53.417Mbps RT-N11 +: 72.675Mbps

Multithreaded Test:

W311R: 79.237Mbps RT-N11 +: 89.434Mbps

Wall Test:

W311R: 25.620Mbps RT-N11 +: 33.328Mbps

Summary: 300M 150M strength was more cost-effective

Comparison test in the mainstream products, we see a strong representative 300M strength, ASUS RT-N11 +'s performance does have a good style of the King. Tenda W311R with it, but the gap is not too great, one of only a difference of up to 19Mbps, the same satisfactory performance, taking into account the W311R price of only 130 yuan, the same cost advantage is obvious. Therefore, the duel of the mainstream products, 150M of the cost the same than 300M. Vs. Enterprise Product: Belkin F6D4230zh4 VS NETGEAR WNR2000

Belkin F6D4230zh4

F6D4230zh4 is Belkin's of a classic 150M wireless router, which uses a piano paint, frosted panel, and feel very good material, when people first get our hands on a kind of love the feel. It supports IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b and other standards, theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 150Mbps. Since its launch, it has by virtue of superior performance by the many high-end enterprise-class users of all ages, a classic market. Market Price: 398 yuan


WNR2000 NETGEAR's is an "alternative" in the 300M wireless router, which uses black piano paint materials, which is the traditional "white gold family" style is completely different. Although the appearance has changed, but it still maintains the performance advantages of NETGEAR in the industry, working with NETGEAR products also uphold the fine. It supports IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g / b standard, the maximum theoretical transfer rate of 300Mbps. Its overall performance is outstanding, you can easily respond to the diverse needs of enterprise customers. Market Price: 550

Vs. single-threaded test start:

F6D4230zh4: 51.319Mbps WNR2000: 65.250Mbps

Multithreaded Test:

F6D4230zh4: 52.076Mbps WNR2000: 87.322Mbps

Wall Test:

F6D4230zh4: 27.438Mbps WNR2000: 33.328Mbps

Summary: very cost-effective performance are excellent

Enterprise-class products in the test, 150M and 300M fierce competition until the final winner of a failed test, both performed satisfactorily. For small business-class customers, Belkin F6D4230zh4 is definitely a good choice; while for medium and large enterprise users, the NETGEAR WNR2000 is the best partner. Comprehensive view, in this round duel, 150M and 300M to fight and.

Summary: 150M subtle performance the best choice for home users

After three rounds of the confrontation, we want to applaud the performance of 150M wonderful product, although it is less than 300M products in terms of speed, but the gap is very small with the overall performance of the product can reach 300M 80%, this performance is indeed praiseworthy; 150M product that taking into account the low price (about 300M price of 50%), can be said that 150M is a well-deserved cost 11n king. 11n be popular in the era of modern family if you are a user, if you are in need of a wireless network products that 150M is definitely your best choice because it is the new "king of cost-effective."

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VBScript Pattern Properties

Pattern Properties

Sets or returns the regular expression search mode.

object.Pattern [= searchstring]


Required. Is always a RegExp object variable.


Available options. By regular string expression search. It may contain some form to set the regular expression in a variety of characters.

Set up

In writing the regular expression pattern used special characters and sequences. The following table describes the characters and sequences can be used, and gives examples.

Character Description
Will be the next character is marked as a special character or literal. For example, with the character n n match. n with newline matches. Sequence \ and match, (and (match.
^ Matches the beginning of the input.
$ Matches the end.
* Matches the preceding character zero or a few times. For example, zo * matches z, zoo.
+ Matches one or more times the previous character. For example, zo + can match the zoo, but does not match the z.
? Match the previous character zero or one. For example, a? Ve? Can never match the ve.
. Matches any character other than newline.
(Pattern) and pattern matching and remember the match. Matched substring can be as a result of the Matches collection using the Item [0 ]...[ n] to obtain. To match parentheses characters (and), use (or).
x | y matches x or y. For example, z | food can match the z or food. (Z | f) oo match the zoo or the food.
(N) n non-negative integers. Match exactly n times. For example, o (2) can not be matched with Bob in the o, but can foooood o in the first two matches.
(N,) n non-negative integers. Match at least n times. For example, o (2,) does not match Bob's o, but the match foooood all of the o. o (1,) is equivalent to o +. o (0,) is equivalent to o *.
(N, m) m and n non-negative integers. Match at least n times, at most m times. For example, o (1,3) matches fooooood in the first three o. o (0,1) is equivalent to o?.
[Xyz] A character set. And one of the characters in parentheses matching. For example, [abc] matches the plain in a.
[^ Xyz] A negative character set. This does not match any character in brackets. For example, [^ abc] can match the plain in the p.
[A-z] that a range of characters. Within the specified range matches any character. For example, [az] match between a and z any lowercase characters.
[^ M-z] in the negative range characters. And not in the specified range of characters matched. For example, [mz] m to z and not on any of the characters between the matches.
b and the word boundary matching, that is, the location between the words and spaces. For example, erb er and never in the match, but does not match the verb in the er.
B and non-word boundary matching. ea * rB and never early match in the ear.
d with a number of character match. Is equivalent to [0-9].
D matches with non-numeric characters. Is equivalent to [^ 0-9].
f and page breaks match.
match n with newline characters.
r and carriage return characters match.
s matches any white characters, including spaces, tabs, page breaks and so on. Is equivalent to [fnrtv].
S and any non-blank character match. Is equivalent to [^ fnrtv].
t match with the tab.
match v with vertical tabs.
w matches any word character including underscore. Is equivalent to [A-Za-z0-9_].
W matches any non-word character. Is equivalent to [^ A-Za-z0-9_].
num num match, of which num is a positive integer. Reference back to remembered matches. For example, (.) 1 matches two consecutive identical characters.
n match n, where n is an octal escape value. Octal escape values must be 1, 2 or 3 digits long. For example, 11 and 011 are matched with a tab. 0011 is equivalent to 001 and 1. Octal escape values must not exceed 256. Otherwise, only the first two characters are treated as part of an expression. Allows the use of regular expressions ASCII code.
xn match n, where n is a hexadecimal escape value. Hexadecimal escape values must be exactly two digits long. For example, x41 Match A. x041 is equivalent to the x04 and 1. Allows the use of regular expressions ASCII code.


The following code illustrates the use of Pattern attributes:

Function RegExpTest (patrn, strng) Dim regEx, Match, Matches''to establish variable. Set regEx = New RegExp''to establish a general expression. regEx.Pattern = patrn''set the pattern. regEx.IgnoreCase = True''settings are case-sensitive. regEx.Global = True''set the global availability. set Matches = regEx.Execute (string)''Repeat match set RegExpTest = regEx.Execute (strng)''perform a search. for each match in matches''Repeat match set RetStr = RetStr & Match found at position RetStr = RetStr & Match.FirstIndex &. Match Value is''RetStr = RetStr & Match.Value &''.& vbCRLF NextRegExpTest = RetStrEnd FunctionMsgBox (RegExpTest (is., IS1 is2 IS3 is4))

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tencent sued Staff: to protest the labor contract Tencent Overlord

Tencent statement slander employees to protest against the labor contract Tencent Overlord

- About Tencent prosecution of former employees of the statement:

Members interested users:

Tencent Company, and Mr. Ma in the use of labor contracts in terms of prosecution of my after Overlord, next, I am now personal address and contact details of the case, the intention to provide to the Court of my parents home address the summons and complaint sent to my parents hands, causing them great stress; also Tencent asked me to leave, two years may not enter the Internet industry.

How weak the power of individuals, I can do that in a distant last posting, I hope everyone's attention. I am also very clear that doing so simply breaks against, Tencent available machines is the whole company, as a former employee, I understand Tencent Tencent Ministry of Justice, how strong the power of public relations, but I can not sit silently destroyed. Posts by friends and media concerns, flew a lot of rumors there for me, slander me steal Tencent financial dismissed the theft of the so-called core technology secrets, End of the World's post did not know what the reason was sink to the bottom for some time; Tencent announced through the media, the so-called statement.

Once again, I was angry at the behavior of this company! And thoroughly disappointed!! That statement is completely not true, pure lies. Such a large listed company, on behalf of those in the mainstream media release, could all be a lie!! Tencent have the power of media resources and government relations, but have to have for me to leave such a small staff, the use of these means, I really chilling.

Since that came out, I would say clearly the truth!

1, the so-called "collective switched to competitors", it is not true.

After posting my End of the World, is currently linked to the other three employees were indicted Tencent We 4 in three years, 06,07,08, respectively, for different reasons, come from Tencent, Tencent do not belong in a previous department, we do not know each other (Tencent thousands of people). I think the rest of the staff situation should be similar to what the respondent. Tencent Why slander we are collectively switched to competitors?! So many friends that we are "betraying" his former club, that behavior is organized, from the moral to attack us. Tencent contempt again!!! (Extremely angry, please forgive me!)

2, the so-called "former employees have been paid to non-competition compensation fee" is completely misleading, deceiving the public.

Tencent after we left and did not give us a penny of compensation!! No one to find us another sign noncompete agreements. Because we are bottom of the staff, may feel no need at QQ. The only mention is unreasonable in terms of labor contracts: employees working during the monthly wage of 200 yuan, as companies compete for workers compensation industry. Wages include compensation in respect of the provisions, we can not accept!! (A lot of friends ask, why did you have to sign the contract? Answer: the company's standard contract for you, as a graduate student, left school and back to work, and to can have a job, you dare not sign it? that time and personnel training is that this level employees are generally not applicable, not to worry. So I think the problem is not with the signed contracts, but the contract is reasonable! !! as migrant workers in the contract, we have a firm commitment may be because of this you will not have any impact on the terms of the contract and refused to sign, to give up untold hardships to find the job?)

3, the so-called "staff to uphold the integrity, ethical values and basic," I want to say is, Tencent not qualified from the moral condemnation of our staff.

We had to drive the project in time to progress, along with boss work overtime, the company has full in accordance with the labor contract to overtime we pay you too?! I think Tencent level employees are a bunch of good, simple people, many of them are just graduate students, the most strenuous and tiring projects are they dry out! (see again this year in major college recruit people Tencent.) use their moral authority than the damage the company a lot of interest, corruption free claims management company of small cheap layer much better, you do not have to accuse us.

4, the so-called "Tencent joined the staff hope that each can uphold the integrity of the values and basic ethics, not to be under their original company's trade secrets or technical secrets into Tencent," I do not believe.

Listen to former colleagues say that the MSN China, Tencent's general manager and technical director, Lian Rendai team when hired, how not said the above words?! Tencent do online games, into the establishment of the Chengdu Wah Yee R & D, when hired, how not said the above words?! Tencent do QQ.COM portal, the entire sector to a certain famous domestic portal's editorial team, when hired, how not said the above words?!

We casually online Zhao Zhao, Tencent malicious dug person, a lot. A really good company and owner should consider is how to retain employees, the so-called sentiments, pay and conditions, development to keep people, rather than ruthless oppression of small staff, so that people do not eat! Ago that "the first a financial magazine "cover story on an article," Penguin's wrong ", then that, this article only to see the development of ideas Tencent operating problems, do not see it the larger issue of corporate culture that is the problem! people that a person has done upstart and no moral will to say "the poor only money," Tencent not it the same? this article suggest that you look to find out.

5, the last solemnly declare: I am in the position, as is the grass-roots work, but now I Tencent do, completely different, there is no so-called

Disclosure of technical secrets and commercial secrets. Tencent is the normal retirement I left, I did not took a little Tencent financial, not to mention the technical secrets, when I left Shenzhen, only a few pieces of clothing, a broken pay card in the body (Carry no money, I pay at Tencent low deposit money can not), that is my 2 years in their lives Tencent hard working overtime income. Shameless Tencent gunman, not to slander me!!

Finally, I personally, have sued on behalf of other employees, or to request Tencent Inc. and Mr. Ma:

1, requested the withdrawal of our prosecution! So that we can have the opportunity to play a job and making money! We do not want a lawsuit with the company, it can not afford. Now I do not know how the door into the court, hire a lawyer is difficult, yet not dare to let the unit know now. I only wanted to have a job, support themselves and their families.

2, 2-year all we really have to leave the Internet and IT industry, we rely on for a living?! Leave this field means we have to give up professional, means a long period of unemployment!! Please Ma always from a "person" perspective on the problem, not the businessmen and capitalists!!!

Many more were Tencent indicted former colleague, please contact me and we work together to defend their own rights!!! Hope you courageous stand, uncovered by Tencent suppressed facts. It is the Internet era, blacks can be elected U.S. president, I do not believe Tencent able to hoodwink the public!

Mr. Ma, I have to work, I have to survive!!!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

International surveys: one year loss of 10,000 practitioners in the game

M2, according to a recent study shows that foreign statistical agencies, since the end of 2008 to the present, the global total of nearly 11,500 employees lost video game. In the meantime, there are many game development studios in direct closed, including "Duke Nukem Forever" and ex-developer 3D Realm "Need for Speed" series developer Black Box Studio.

The study, said: "From the end of 2008 to the present, worldwide because of the economic crisis, a total of 11,488 employees in the loss of video games, and in 2009, the loss of these professional game who is the highest frequency." In addition to The study also cited 95 have been closed and in game development studios, 52 of which are located in North America.鍦ㄦ祦澶辩殑浜哄憳褰撲腑锛屽鏈嶄竴鑸兘鏄渶鍏堣瑁佹帀鐨勩?


銆??浜嬪疄涓婅繖涔堝娓告垙浜т笟浠庝笟鑰呯殑娴佸け锛屾棤璁烘槸瀵规父鎴忓巶鍟嗚繕鏄鐜╁鏉ヨ閮芥槸涓潖娑堟伅銆備簨瀹炰笂缁忔祹鍗辨満鐨勭牬鍧忓姏杩樻槸鐩稿綋澶х殑锛屽嵆渚夸竴閮ㄥ垎浜鸿涓虹粡娴庝竴鍗辨満浜嗗ぇ瀹跺氨閮藉幓鐜╂父鎴忎簡锛屽湪鍗辨満鍒版潵鐨勬椂鍊欏悇澶ф父鎴忓巶鍟嗚繕鏄湪瑁佸憳銆傝?杩欎唤鎶ュ憡骞舵病鏈夊泭鎷父鎴忓獟浣撲粠涓氫汉鍛樼殑娴佸け銆?br />


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jinshan is full of personality to create the theme template demo

In this era of personalized attention to many young people to pursue different, the company's SaSa is a modern woman, through her office made a presentation screen and everyone is different, those from the software template theme of her own is unattractive. That day I asked SaSa own template demonstrates how to use Peak, Peak 2005, she dedicated version of the government demonstrated some spot for me.

1. Create a template topic

New blank presentation, a nice background image presentation played a key role in the "Insert" menu, select "Text Box", a text box with the mouse the size of zoom to enable it to stream across the screen presentation. Then in the "drawing" tool panel, select the "fill color" tool of the "Fill Effects" option in the "filling effect" Settings dialog box to specify the foreground and background fill color and fill pattern.

Tip: You can also use the "fill effect" of the gradient colors, textures and images to fill the background.

With a beautiful picture as applied to the template topic can play a finishing touch screen role in the "Insert" menu, select "Picture 鈫?From File" from the outside into a beautiful picture into the main interface, then select Right click image select "Set object format" command, the settings window for the picture to design a landscaping picture frame effect. From "Clip Art" Gallery to select a few nice pictures to the screen as a decoration theme.

2. Topic save and Application

Good template design theme and select "Save" function, in the Save window, specify "Save as type" to "WPP 2005 template file (*. dpt)", after taking a good template name with the default save path.

To use this theme, Jinshan Open blank new presentation files in the "New Presentation" panel, select "Templates 鈫?Theme templates" to find the open in front of the template can be saved. Application of the theme template, we can the background, crop the picture.


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